Pandemic Journal, Day 589

As I write this entry, it’s been 24 full hours since our last power outage. I never found out what caused the one last night (the weather was not an issue), but at least it was brief enough that the UPSes carried through with only a small hitch – the Mac mini that runs the home automation put itself in sleep mode, even though it’s on a UPS. I fixed it this morning when I saw the power light pulsing on and off (the lights in the garden were on, too, which was another clue that things had gone awry).

Speaking of the garden, we harvested our first persimmon today. Not just the first persimmon of the year, but the first persimmon since we planted the tree in early 2014! We should get a few more persimmons this year unless the squirrels beat us to them – we don’t want to harvest too soon because it’s hard to keep the persimmons from getting soft.