Pandemic Journal, Day 654

We made up for yesterday’s non-walk by doing the full 10K Year-Round Event in Los Gatos this morning. The route had changed in the two decades since the last time we did it – the second half of the route went along the Los Gatos Creek Trail instead of going through the residential areas west of Santa Cruz Avenue, so it was a good thing we took a map instead of relying on memory.

I didn’t get around to labeling and recabling the Mac mini, but I did ship its failed hard drive back to Western Digital for replacement. I wanted to erase it before shipping, but it was going to take the better part of a day to do so, so I settled for reformatting it as exFAT and writing junk to it, then re-reformating it as APFS. If I’d had an OS/2 machine around, I would have formatted it as HPFS and really confused anyone trying to extract data from it!

This evening, Diane and I split an experimental seasonal beer that we’d bought from Trader Joe’s. I finished my half; she gave up after a couple of sips, and I didn’t find it necessary to finish hers. It wasn’t unpleasant – in fact, it tasted quite a lot like a peppermint patty – but I’d rather have a beer that tastes like beer or a candy that tastes like candy than a combination of the two.