Pandemic Journal, Day 656

We kicked off the year with a short walk before Shir Shabbat services this morning. I was Lay Leader, assisting Cantor Felder-Levy who had done all of the service prep (I was there to give her a chance to rest her voice during readings and to run Zoom). It was a good service – we looked at our predictions from last year (some panned out; most didn’t) and made some predictions/wishes for this year (some are repeats of last year’s, like the end of Covid).

And beyond that, we had a relaxed day. Well, we took another walk so we could hit our goals for the day, but that was it. And I worked on photos from our November trip to Boston and we made Soy, Balsamic, and Sriracha Chicken Stir-Fry for dinner, which was the first time I’d used the wok on the induction cooktop. I put unprinted newsprint under the wok for easier cleanup of the cooktop, and it worked – but it’s a little unsettling to pick up the wok after cooking and see a brown ring scorched into the newsprint! The wok was harder to clean, but that gave me an excuse to use the Lodge Chainmail Scrubber I’d bought at REI a few months ago, which did the job nicely.

Happy New Year!