Pandemic Journal, Day 671

It has been a day of circular progress.

I tried to clean out my Traeger grill – 90 minutes later, I had a non-functioning igniter, but in the process I discovered the fire pot was nearly worn through (it’s five years old and sees rough service, so I’m not disappointed), and it’s easier to replace both of them at the same time than to do it separately.

Then I found out that I could have gotten a lower fare on our trip to Africa if I’d scheduled us to leave a day earlier – but the savings would mostly vanish if I tried to change the ticket now (allowing for the extra day of travel and the cancellation charge on our not-quite-fully-refundable tickets). I’m going to call BA tomorrow and see if they can help, but I’m not optimistic.

Finally, I tried booking our flights from Porto to Madrid; the price of the flight I wanted went up $15 when I backtracked to check an alternative time, and the seats I chose are blocked. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.

I feel like Billy in the Family Circus!