Pandemic Journal, Day 679

The place I go for my allergy desensitization shots closes on Mondays from noon to 2. That’s never been a problem for me – I usually go after they reopen, but today I wanted a bigger block of time to work on my speech for tonight’s Storytellers meeting, so Diane and I hurried through lunch so I could get there before they took their break. I was in the car at 11:41, and Google told me that I should arrive a couple of minutes before noon.

Google was wrong. I pulled into the parking lot right at 12, and by the time I walked up to the door, it was locked. I could see a nurse sitting at the desk and looked imploringly at her; she opened the door and said that I’d have to come back after 2. I thought about claiming that my watch was running slow and asking for leniency, but I didn’t think that argument would work anymore – especially since she could see I was wearing an Apple watch.
The drive home was a lot faster, of course.