Pandemic Journal, Day 688

On Monday night, I’d learned that one of the members of the Silicon Valley Improvmasters was the owner of Glazier Rolled Ice Cream on Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Los Gatos. I’d been curious about the place but we’d never gone there; this gave me another reason to consider visiting.

This afternoon, we took a 5K walk through downtown Los Gatos with the South Bay Striders – I was a little hungry afterwards, but it wasn’t time for dinner, so I suggested visiting Glazier. Diane was agreeable, so off we went (we’ll do anything for more steps!).

Making rolled ice cream is an elaborate process – I don’t know how they’d cope on a busy day, since each order took more than five minutes. The result was interesting, but I think I prefer the texture of a traditional ice cream. But I’m willing to give it another try.