My turn!

I had a small medical procedure scheduled for tomorrow, so I thought I’d better do a Covid test today to make sure I was still negative.

I wasn’t.

And neither was Diane (it was the first day she might have been able to test out of isolation).

At least we don’t have to isolate from each other now! It was nice having dinner face-to-face for the first time since we got home.

This evening, I led a workshop on “Impromptu Storytelling” for the Silicon Valley Storytellers; we had more visitors than club members, which was our hope. I started with the story of our recent trip and Covid infections (it was front of mind for some reason), then presented a few tips about structuring an impromptu story and avoiding the pitfalls of being too complicated. Then I had everyone tell a story using the Story Spine, giving feedback to each speaker. I was trying not to talk too much; my throat doesn’t think I was successful.

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