The lure of the upgrade button

When I left for vacation a month ago, I was in the middle of moving my existing home automation setup (running Indigo on a Mac mini) to Home Assistant. I was making good progress, but I didn’t want to make such a big change and leave town, so I left everything as it was.

One of the reasons I wanted to move was that Indigo was broken on Mac OS 12.3.1 – it still needed Python2 which was removed in 12.3.1. My Mac mini kept trying to get me to upgrade to 12.3.1. But I knew better and avoided the upgrade.

Tonight, I turned on the display on that Mac mini for the first time since coming home, and there was an invitation to upgrade. I almost hit “Upgrade Now” but I needed the machine for a Zoom session, so I waited.

After the Zoom, I was ready to upgrade – but thought I’d check on the status of Indigo first. Lo and behold, there was a notice of a new version of Indigo that worked on 12.3.1! I checked their forum and people said it was safe, so I installed the new version.

All is well; now I can upgrade the Mac itself. Tomorrow.

And then I can get back to looking at Home Assistant.