Happy New Fiscal Year!

Today was the first day of the fiscal year at Congregation Shir Hadash; it was also the first official day of work for our new Senior Rabbi, Nico Socolovsky, and he was on the pulpit for this evening’s Shabbat Service, along with Cantor Felder-Levy and Rabbi-Educator PJ Schwartz.

Rabbi Nico plays guitar and sings, which was the first of many changes tonight. The music was generally a bit faster than it had been, and there was more of it; some was unfamiliar. Even some of the choreography was changed – we didn’t stand for some prayers that we traditionally stood for.

I enjoyed the service and the schmoozing afterwards; even with the changes, it was recognizably a Shir Hadash Shabbat Service, and it was a good way to start the weekend.

Shabbat Shalom!