Our theatre weekend continues

We’ll be off to the premiere performance of Silicon Valley Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure in about an hour; there’s no phone service at the venue (Sanborn Park) and it’ll be late when we get home, so I’m posting now.

We did more preparation (mostly shopping) for our Africa trip this afternoon; Diane bought a backpack to use as her “personal item” on our flights, I bought another pair of tan convertible pants, and we found our copy of Mark Nolting’s African Safari Field Guide, which we’d bought in 2020 between our first and second attempts to take the trip. It had spent the intervening months in an undisclosed location, and it took me a while to find it!

The big news, though, was that I decided I was sufficiently recovered from the PDT treatment to shave this morning – shaving didn’t irritate my face, so I guess I was right. I do have a lot of skin sloughing off, but that’s progress!