We open packages

Tonight, we opened the package of six teeny-tiny bottles of port that we’d bought on our visit to Cálem in Portugal and tried the “White and Dry“. It was nice, but nothing spectacular.

Diane’s old trackpad went crazy and started clicking itself at random times, which is not a good idea. The problem surfaced right after I’d updated her computer to the latest level of Mac OS, but I’m pretty sure it was a coincidence because the trackpad kept doing the same thing when I paired it with my laptop. Even turning the trackpad upside down so that the little buttons on the bottom that actually do the clicking were in mid-air didn’t stop it, so we made an emergency trip to the Apple Store for a replacement.

We couldn’t get the same trackpad – it was so old it wasn’t even Magic (just haunted). The Magic Trackpad is bigger and, so far, well-behaved. I hope it stays that way.