Down to the wire!

AmaWaterways usually sends out a pre-trip kit with documents, luggage tags, a book about the area of the cruise, and a bag or two. We didn’t get one before our Douro River cruise (and I really didn’t miss it). But we were promised one for our Africa trip – and promised and promised and promised….

Last night, FedEx said they’d be delivering the package by Priority Overnight mail and it came just before lunch. Not only did they include the documents I expected, yet more luggage tags, a book about southern Africa, and a couple of bags, but it also had the first details I’d seen about our intra-Africa flights – it’s comforting to know where we’ll be going!

Packing took longer than I expected, even allowing for the usual problems. I discovered I had run out of intradental toothbrushes, so I drove over to the nearby CVS to pick up a package.

They were out. So was Walgreens. And Target. I finally found them at Walmart, but by the time I’d gotten there, I’d spent an hour driving and shopping. At least I got to catch up on my tech podcasts while I was searching!