One short leg down, many long legs to go

I took a last look at the persimmon tree in our back yard before we left to drive to SFO, and it’s starting to show fruit. I wonder what it’ll look like when we get home?

Right now, we’re in the BA lounge, waiting for our flight to Heathrow. They say it’s going to be an uncrowded flight – we were the only people on the TSA PreCheck line, which is a good sign (Diane still got tagged for a “random search”, but I think it’s because they were bored).

The lounge is fairly empty, too – we’ve had more BA people actively helping us than I’ve experienced before. I asked about the Matlow candy that they have and one of the senior people found out where they source it (Nassau Candy Company) and that it was easy for civilians to order in small quantities from Wal-Mart. She said that the cherry candies vanish quickly once the lounge opened and brought me a handful to take with me!