Chobe National Park

We spent most of today in Chobe National Park (in Botswana). We saw many beautiful birds, which I hope to post some other time – and we bagged a lion (photographically), giving us three of the Big Five (we still need to find a leopard and a rhinoceros).

Connectivity is still very limited, so here are a few big animal photos.

You can’t get any bigger (or taller) than a giraffe. We saw quite a few today, some almost close enough to touch.

The lion was far away from us and was resting; we came back a few hours later, and she was still in the same spot.

Elephants…well, there are too many to count!

Including some babies!

We were on our way to the park exit when our friend David spotted these zebra – the hippo was a bonus.

And then it was back to the ship. There are worse ways to spend a Wednesday!