Local color

That was the view from our backyard this morning. I’ll admit that it’s not quite as impressive as the massive displays of color in the Hudson Valley, but it was a whole lot easier to get to.

We spent the morning running errands, finishing at our favorite grocery store, Lunardi’s. We were walking back to the car with our purchases when suddenly, my watch unexpectedly tapped me on the wrist. I raised my hand to see what was up, and saw this:

A few seconds later, both of our phones sounded the Emergency Alert and notified us that there had been a quake. We weren’t near anything that could fall on us, so we just stayed where we were for a couple of minutes before deciding that the danger had passed. We didn’t feel, hear, or see anything, though friends a mile away felt the shaking very distinctly.

Nothing was amiss when we got home, and reports indicate there was no significant damage from the quake anywhere in the area. That’s my favorite kind of earthquake!