A long walk

It was a nice day, so we decided to take a long walk – the Rose Garden and Santa Clara University volksmarch in San Jose. Diane and I had walked the 5k version of the event a few months ago, but we did the entire 10k today.

The first attraction was, of course, the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden; there were plenty of roses still in bloom. I took lots of photos, but I’ll only post one here, the Mardi Gras rose.

We left the garden and walked through the Rose Garden district; the acacia trees were putting on a good show.

We walked to Santa Clara University, where I found out that it was a hotbed of early aviation.

The walk took us around the University; we made a brief stop at the de Saisset Museum and walked past the Mission Church.

After we finished the walk, we visited the Egyptian Museum for the first time in a couple of decades; it hadn’t changed much. The walk through the reconstructed tomb was still a highlight!

We didn’t have a net zero day, but we did drive the Prius to reduce our carbon load – and its Check Engine light stayed off!