Upcountry Day

We spent the day in Upcountry Maui, mostly in Kula. We started at the Kula Botanical Gardens; it was our second trip there. They were badly hit by flooding a year ago; there are still a few areas that aren’t open (like the koi pond), but the garden looked terrific. I’m restraining myself and only posting 17 photos (I could have posted that many hibiscus alone!) – do visit if you come to Maui!

Wall Iris
Jackson’s chameleon
Pink Fittonia (nerve plant)
Costus Productus (Spiral Ginger)
Gazania (African Daisy, Treasure Flower)
Calliandra haematocephala (red powder puff)
Epidendrum secundum (crucifix orchid)
Candelabra aloe
Banksia spinulosa
Aechmea fasciata
Hong Kong Orchid Tree with Butterfly
King Protea

We tore ourselves away from the garden after nearly two hours and drove into Kula proper for lunch at Kula Bistro; it was delicious and fairly reasonably priced for Maui. Recommended.

Our next stop was Ocean Organic Vodka; we were lucky, and they had an opening for a 3pm tasting (we should learn to plan ahead); we got there at 2:53. Plenty of time!

When we visited them a few years ago, they only had vodka and a very new rum; now, they have three rums, a gin, a bourbon-barrel rum, and the vodka. We tried them all.

We returned to the resort and took a walk to burn off a little of the day’s consumption; it was dark and windy and slightly rainy, but it was a lovely evening anyway.

Palm Trees at Dusk
Sunset Ocean Play