Delay of game

I spent a long time today thinking about upgrading my A/V receiver to go along with the new TV (I have a Denon AVR-2112CI which works fine, but it doesn’t support 4K video or eARC). The Denon AVR-X1700H has the features I need (it doesn’t have analog video input in case I want to play an old laserdisc, but I should be able to live without that), but it’s not available locally at Best Buy, which seems to be the only remaining store in the area which sells decent but not insanely priced audio gear. There are still some high-end audio shops nearby, but I’m not interested in buying a receiver with a five-digit price tag!

Since I can’t get a new receiver before the TV arrives on Friday, I may as well wait to order a replacement until I see how the new TV works with the old receiver (or if the new TV’s audio is sufficient). Should I order from Denon, Amazon, or Crutchfield? :-)