OK, Darryl, you convinced me!

My cousin Darryl offered some advice after I posted about making frozen latkes: “Get a real mixer instead of the crappy one you have now!” He even sent a link to a discounted KitchenAid 5-quart bowl-lift mixer at Best Buy so I wouldn’t have to do my own research.

So I did some research and decided that I didn’t want to get that mixer. Instead, I got a discounted KitchenAid 5-quart tilt-head mixer at Best Buy. It’s a little smaller than the mixer Darryl recommended and can only knead 4 pounds of bread dough instead of 7, but I think I can live with that limitation.

We used it for the first time today to make pretzels, and I was impressed. I didn’t have to hold on to the mixer to keep it from wandering; I didn’t have to scrape dough off the walls of the bowl to get it into the dough ball; I didn’t have to add more water to get all of the flour incorporated into the dough after the initial three-minute mix; it took less time to get the dough completely developed.

Thanks for the advice, Darryl!

2 thoughts on “OK, Darryl, you convinced me!

  1. Darryl gave you some solid advice. We use our kitchenaid several times a week, and it makes every mixing task easier. Being able to simply add ingredients as it works is a great starting point. As you’ve discovered they’re solid enough to make a lot of tasks easier. I’m a huge fan of the splash shield for that beast, as well as the more recent beater blades with an attached bowl scraper. Enjoy the beast.

  2. Way to go Cousin. You are, indeed, educable. Kitchen Aid will not let you down as it mixes, shreds, slices and whatever else you need to do. I’m anxious to hear about your next foray into latkes.

    Be sure to add it to your will. It will outlast all of us.

    Be well and best to Diane.

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