More rain, more TV

It was too rainy to go out for a walk this morning, so we went to the JCC and exercised there instead, though we did manage a couple of walks later in the day during relatively dry intervals. Ross Creek was noticeably higher than it had been a couple of days ago, but still well below a worrisome level (and it’s gone down again since we came home).

We’d stopped watching Wednesday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when he and Janelle MonĂ¡e started talking about Glass Onion; he suggested stopping the show and watching the movie to avoid spoilers. So we did that today, and I really enjoyed it. It might have been even better if I’d upgraded Netflix to premium to let us see the movie in HDR, but I doubt I missed anything significant. And after we watched the movie, we went back and watched the rest of the interview; I’m glad we waited.

I decided I didn’t have enough projects going on, so I’ve gotten back to ripping DVDs so I can put them on Plex and possibly watch them some day. It will take a while.

2 thoughts on “More rain, more TV

  1. We are also having a succession of rainy days here in Tucson environs. Decided it was a good time to watch some of our recorded shows on the DVR. Watched all 3 episodes of Dickens’ Great Expectations tonight. Back in high school, I loved the works of Charles Dickens. This book was a favorite of mine but tonight I found it dark and depressing. Interesting how our perspectives change. I have all 3 of the Lord of the Rings movies recorded but think we will switch to lighter movies like Oklahoma today. Stay safe there. The rain is most welcome but 3 days in a row is a lot for us to endure. I am addicted to sunshine now and have spent 6 weeks in dreary Virginia so I am more than ready for sun and warmer weather.

  2. You wouldn’t have liked the last two weeks here – no more than one day in a row without rain.

    We need the rain badly, but I’m ready for a little sunny weather!

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