There are two Toastmasters clubs in Los Gatos. Mine is the Silver Tongued Cats, which has been meeting on Zoom since the first shelter-in-place order; the other is Los Gatos Toastmasters, which has been having regular hybrid meetings for the last year or so. The Cats is going to hold a hybrid meeting next week; I was volunteered to be the tech support, so I visited the other club’s meeting tonight to see how they do it.

The room is set up with a big TV at one end of the room with a webcam on top; the lectern is at the other end. Sound is handled by a good old-fashioned Polycom speakerphone – simple technology, but it works!

I enjoyed the meeting, and I really enjoyed going up to the lectern to give the timer’s report; Toastmasters has a great tradition of applauding anyone who is going to the lectern, and I’d forgotten how nice it feels to hear applause in person!