Pre-emptive debugging

I was researching yet another program to watch and organize my media, Infuse Pro – I was mostly looking to see how well it is supposed to work with Blu-Ray rips. The first link I found took me to the AppleTV subreddit. It didn’t answer my question, but I saw a few interesting items in the “Similar to this Post” sidebar, one of which talked about a new Apple TV Remote bug that arrived with tvOS 16.3. I read that post and went on about my business.

Tonight, we wanted to watch an episode of All Creatures Great and Small, which meant firing up the PBS app on the Apple TV. There was one small problem – the picture (and the “on” light on the Apple TV) kept blinking on and off every couple of seconds.I didn’t have that problem on any other input, which made me hope that the problem was the Apple TV. And then I remembered the post I’d read this morning – sure enough, I’d run into the same problem (the remote gets stuck and repeats a command – in my case, the on/off button).

I rebooted the remote following the procedure in the article (press and hold the TV/control center and Volume down buttons for 10 seconds), and then I power-cycled the Apple TV for good measure, and all was right with the world again. So far, anyway.