The results are in!

The results for yesterday’s Learned League questions were posted overnight, and, unsurprisingly, I lost the match. The question I alluded to yesterday was:

What American food processing company fittingly identified the 2023 Super Bowl, which featured the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, as a uniquely marketable opportunity to teach consumers about Roman numerals?

The answer was “Heinz”, because this was Super Bowl LVII (57). I thought Super Bowl 50 was only a couple of years ago; I guess I should pay more attention. The commercial was amusing, and football knowledge was not a prerequisite to enjoying it.

I don’t feel as bad about missing the question as I might have – only 43% of the league got it right.

We decided on a bid for the solar installation and sent in the electronic paperwork so it can get processed before the NEM 2.0 deadline (April 13).

Happy Valentine’s Day!