Progress through self-service

I called the solar installer this morning to see when they planned to come out to do the inspection that they couldn’t do on Tuesday. My contact there said it would take a while, but suggested a way to move forward more quickly. All I had to do was give them some information about the house and take a bunch of photos, including the main panel, the service entrance, the gas meter, and a few photos of the attic and the furnace.

It wasn’t difficult (though I probably should buy a taller ladder!); he looked at the photos and the info I sent and said they’d suffice.

This afternoon, we signed the contract for the heat pump to replace the furnace and A/C. We should qualify for a couple of significant rebates – one from BayREN and one from the electric company. The electric company rebate requires that you send in a photo of the furnace you’re replacing…and I just happened to have taken such a photo a few hours previously. Serendipity!

Spring is nearing – it was about 10 degrees warmer today than yesterday, and the first tulips of the season are already blooming at our neighbor’s house.