12 shall be the number of the voltage, neither more nor less!

Auto-Tec called this morning; they’d run comprehensive diagnostics and the codes in the car’s computer pointed to the 12-volt battery being the likely cause of the problem. That made sense; after all, the battery was nearly 5 years old, and I’d had battery-related codes pop up twice in the last year (June and November). They replaced the battery, and everything seems fine so far; they also installed a trickle charger so we can plug the car in when we go away and prevent the battery from draining itself. Here’s hoping….

We’d gotten a note from PG&E telling us that they were going to turn off our power today so that they could replace a power pole (this was the third attempt; the other two got rained out), so we went up to San Francisco to see the “Sargent and Spain” exhibition at the Legion of Honor. It was very nice and only a little too crowded for comfort; I’m glad we went today instead of waiting for the weekend.