Le Mistral ate my blog post

It was a busy day today – we took a walk through Avignon and the Pope’s Palace in the morning, another walk at Pont du Gard in the afternoon, and got the word on disembarkation and attended the Captain’s farewell reception and dinner.

And Le Mistral has been very active all day today, as the photo above shows. Our tour director says you can see the mistral wind in van Gogh’s photos from this area – I believe it; it certainly made me tired!

So I will leave you with a few photos from the day, starting with these from our walk through Avignon, the Pope’s Palace, and Les Halles.

And this from Pont du Gard.

And these from the French-themed cocktail party on the ship.

We’re supposed to start our sailing for our destination, Arles, at 4am – I’m hoping to sleep through that and the lock traversal which will follow.

Bonne nuit!