Today I learned…

We had lunch with friends today; as we were chatting, David F. claimed he was seeing upload speeds north of 100Mbps on his newly-acquired Comcast connections. That seemed extremely improbable to both me and our friend Dan, since our Comcast uploads are quite firmly capped at 40Mbps.

But it’s true – David F. has “Gigabit Extra” service and is renting his modem/router from Comcast, so they give him significantly more upstream bandwidth. It’s almost time for my every-other-year discussion with the Comcast retention people, and now I have something else to discuss. :-)

The town building inspector is coming tomorrow, so I had to add a carbon monoxide/smoke detector to meet the current code. It was a lot cheaper at Target than it would have been at Ace or Home Depot.

Not a very exciting day, but I thought I’d write something while my eyes are still open.