So close….

BDL Gate A9 Jet Bridge – what’s wrong with this picture?

We had a smooth flight from SJC to Atlanta and an easy connection there. But our second flight from Atlanta to Hartford has been, um, interesting.

They predicted bad weather, so the flight attendants had to stay seated until over an hour into the flight. Passengers were ignoring the seat belt sign, of course, mostly because there wasn’t any noticeable turbulence.

Eventually, the captain turned off the seat belt sign for, maybe, 30 minutes – then he put it back on because of expected bumpy air. The flight attendants took their seats immediately and didn’t even do the usual trash pickup. The descent was smooth, as was the landing.

And then the fun really started; they couldn’t get the jet bridge to dock with the plane. We waited for a while for a tech, then another tech, and as I wrote this, we’re being moved to another gate!

Here’s hoping….

It took another 10 minutes to get to the new gate and get that jet bridge attached to the plane, but they finally did it. Fortunately, we hadn’t checked any luggage, and we’re staying at the Sheraton Bradley Airport, right in the terminal; they were ready for us and we’re in our room for the evening!