Culture Shock

We picked up our rental car from Hertz this morning to drive to Galva, Illinois and visit our friend Desi. She had warned us not to let Hertz give us an electric car because we’d have a hard time finding a charging station in her area, but she needn’t have worried – I didn’t see a single EV on the Hertz lot. I didn’t see many cars, either, so we took one of the many SUVs on offer, a Honda CR-V, which seems perfectly acceptable.

We let Google Maps and Yelp guide us to a lunch stop at Toni’s Cafe, a little south of Springfield; the food was fine, but I was taken aback by the free newspaper available in the lobby.

I guess I should have taken a copy to see what was in the paper, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

We reached Galva a little before 3 and spent a couple of hours chatting with Desi before she drove us to the “big city” of Geneseo, about half an hour away. We wandered around the downtown for a while and enjoyed the nicely-kept buildings (note the Fletcher’s Castoria ad in the background).

We took a walk through a classic car show (somehow, none of us took any photos) before going to the Geneseo Brewing Company for beer (of course!) and dinner (which was much better than what we’d had at Toni’s!).

We came back to Desi’s house, took a short walk around Galva, and called it a night – we didn’t go to the town fireworks display, but we sure heard it!