Sydney and the Blue Mountains

We were supposed to arrive in Sydney at about 8am, but that hour found us about 30 miles offshore. The weather and waves were above the limit for a ship of our size, so they basically put us in a holding pattern until conditions improved; we finally entered the harbour a few minutes before 10.

We were on a tender not long afterwards, and in front of the Opera House at 10:30.

We walked over to the Sir Stamford Hotel to meet our guide for the day, Terry Rogan of Picture Me Sydney, who was taking us to the Blue Mountains to enjoy the wildlife and scenery. Our first stop was Calmsley Hill City Farm, where we had a date with a koala!

The farm had lots of other wildlife, including wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, and emu.

We left the farm and drove into the Blue Mountains National Park, stopping at Wentworth Falls. The fog and mist were pretty thick, but we enjoyed walking through the area.

We left the Falls and drove further into the Blue Mountains, stopping at an area where kangaroo roam freely.

We stopped at the Three Sisters, but the fog was too dense to see them.

We got back to Sydney just in time to catch the last tender to the ship so we could do our final packing.

2 thoughts on “Sydney and the Blue Mountains

  1. Thinking back to our trip to Melbourne and Sydney (and the Blue Mountains) to visit Shifrah a few years ago.

  2. Some great photos of our tour together David. Even though the weather closed in at the Three Sisters after our Wentworth Falls walk we got to see so much of this world heritage listed region. Thanks for joining Picture Me Sydney

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