Almost a double Sunday

When we awoke for our final morning on Celebrity Edge, the ship was docked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. We had breakfast, complete with a stunning view of the Opera House, and then it was time to disembark.

The process was smooth (carrying our luggage ourselves saved a lot of time). We took the five-minute walk to the Circular Quay Railroad Terminal, bought our tickets, and were at the International Terminal about twenty minutes later.

We did a little last-minute shopping before going to the lounges. United doesn’t have a lounge in Sydney, so we had our choice between Singapore or Air New Zealand – we tried both. Singapore had much faster wifi and someone making coffee drinks to order (the mocha was great); Air New Zealand was a bit more open and modern and appeared to have a better bar. Both lounges were quite busy, probably because of Taylor Swift.

Our flight home arrived at SFO 30 minutes early, which was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, seven other flights arrived at about the same time, and it took about an hour before we got our bag. After that, it was a quick ride home, followed by a trip to the Farmers’ Market and Lunardi’s to restock the fridge for the next week.