A short Saturday entry

I’ve seen none of Hong Kong today — for two reasons.

First, today was the W3C Advisory Board meeting, so I spent almost the entire day in a small windowless room in the hotel. It was a productive meeting, but, except for lunch, we could have been in any small windowless room anywhere in the world. Lunch was location-specific — we had a multi-course Cantonese meal. Most of the courses had shellfish, so I opted for the vegetarian alternatives, which were very tasty and filling. I suspect I’ll be having a lot of vegetarian food on this trip.

The second reason I haven’t seen any of Hong Kong is the weather — it was foggy when I got up and foggy when I returned to my room after the meeting. If I squinted really hard, I could tell that there were some buildings across the harbour, but I had to use my imagination, too.

Tomorrow should be better — the W3C Team will be rehearsing for the Advisory Committee meeting, so I’ll be free until evening; I plan to go out and play tourist again, probably with colleagues from the Advisory Board.