Another quiet weekend on the home front

Friday night, we did the Oneg at Temple. Usually, there are others working with us (well, I should say “with Diane” because she’s the official Oneg person; Jeffrey and I are just assistants), but not this weekend; fortunately, the Bat Mitzvah family provided ample goodies, already on platters, so setting up took far less time than it usually does.

Saturday, we went to the Rensselaer Northern California Alumni Chapter picnic in Palo Alto; the weather was fine, the company good, and the food quite pleasant. The wine was excellent, but I forgot to write down its name. *sigh*

Sunday was Father’s Day; we celebrated by having pizza for lunch and going to see Shrek, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. One of the trailers before the movie was for A. I. — I was intrigued to see some Hebrew on the screen (in red) at the end of the trailer. I couldn’t quite make out the letters in the time I had, so today I looked at the trailer on the computer and dropped the Rabbi at Temple a note asking what was up — she said that the word appeared to be Chochmah, meaning “wisdom” and apparently related to the Kabbalah, which is quite popular in L. A. this year.

I also read the second and third volumes in Harry Turtledove’s Colonization series during the weekend; the third volume leaves very obvious room for yet another sequel (in fact, it demands one), but there’s no “coming soon” at the end of the book or on any of the Turtledove web sites I just looked at. I guess I’ll have to practice patience again.

And I hatched a plot to have a Field Day station at a party we’ll be at next Saturday — I started with a one-line note, and now we’ve got at least four hams involved, two of whom are bringing gear. Our goal is to have a respectable score but not make it too much work!

And then today, I spent all day at work. What more need I say?

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