Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 168

I got an email from Tripit this afternoon telling me that they could no longer monitor our flight next Friday from Porto to Madrid. Of course, we weren’t going to be taking that flight, but the note did encourage me to look at Iberia’s site to see what was going on.

They had cancelled our flight and rebooked us on a flight with “Air Nostrum” at exactly the same time; Air Nostrum appears to be an Iberia subsidiary. The rebooking notice offered three choices: accept, take a voucher, or call a US toll-free number to request a refund.

Ten minutes later, mostly spent on hold, I think I have a refund on the way. I’m not 100% positive because the connection was terrible – the agent and I had to keep repeating things to one another, but I’m pretty sure he said they’d refund the payment but to allow at least 40 days.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to take the trip as rescheduled for 2022 – but I’m not going to buy any airline tickets yet.