Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 211

It was Prime Day today, and we were ready!

I’d had a cabin air filter for Diane’s car and a set of three OXO measuring cups in my cart for days, waiting for the right time. We even bought spaghetti and couscous from Whole Foods over the weekend to earn the $10 Prime Day credit they were offering.

As we got ready to order, the excitement was palpable. I checked Consumer Reports and The Wirecutter to see what other products they recommended – The Wirecutter told me about a very nice All-Clad stainless tri-clad frying pan that looked good.

I went out to Diane’s car and looked at the cabin air filter. It was clean (I guess we’d only driven the car a few thousand miles since I last changed it), so I took it out of the cart.

The All-Clad pan wasn’t available from Amazon (but I might get it from Williams-Sonoma, since it’s discounted there).

I even checked on LED “75-watt” bulbs, since the old incandescent over the kitchen table blew out this morning. The Wirecutter recommended the Cree bulb, and Amazon had it for $12; Home Depot has it for $6.

I pushed the button – one set of measuring cups is on its way at a $10 discount.

Oh, the excitement of it all!