Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 254

Both of our kitchen thermometers bit the dust during the early days of the lockdown. I replaced the instant-read thermometer right away with a Thermoworks ThermoPop, but I didn’t have an urgent need to replace the leave-in thermometer, so I didn’t bother.

The last few days, my Facebook feed has been filled with ads from Thermoworks offering an 18% site-wide discount. I was torn between the ChefAlarm (which is much like the one that died), the Dot (a simpler unit without a timer), or something crazy like the Smoke (so I could monitor my Traeger remotely). I’d finally decided on the Dot, but when I went to place my order this morning, the discount had ended.

I was disappointed, but wondered if there might be another discount for Black Friday. As I was researching the links for this very post, I noticed that they’d cut the price of the Dot by 20% for Black Friday – I’ve ordered it.

Sometimes delay pays off.