Pandemic Journal, Day 460

We had a quiet Father’s Day, starting with our usual Sunday trip to the Farmers’ Market. Summer fruits and vegetables are in abundance – we bought our first corn and blackberries of the season and enjoyed them today, along with our usual salmon. I made steaks on the Traeger, too, but they came from Lunardi’s.

It was the first Farmers’ Market since California loosened the Covid restrictions – not only were masks not required (or even requested), they’d gotten rid of the 6-foot markings on the lines where people wait for vendors. It was still a little less crowded than it would have been before Covid, and people did still queue up instead of milling around in front of the booths, but it felt odd!

This evening, we watched Rod MacDonald’s concert on Facebook – it was a nice way to enjoy the holiday. The concert is available here; you don’t have to log into Facebook to watch. Skip ahead by 6 minutes to get to the actual start of the concert.