Pandemic Journal, Day 608

We attended a Mensa event this afternoon: “An Afternoon of Language and Laughter with Richard Lederer”. I’ve been reading Lederer’s columns for years, mostly in the Mensa Bulletin, but I’ve also seen him in Toastmasters Magazine, the AARP Magazine, and probably elsewhere; this was the first time I’d had the chance to hear him live.

The session was a lot of fun (if a bit disorganized); he divided it into three acts, with Q&A between. It will be on San Francisco Mensa’s YouTube channel sometime soon. I found that he’d given a presentation on Fascinating Facts about Our Presidents last year, and I’m looking forward to watching it.

I had to dig through some of my files last week to figure out when we’d had the electrical and plumbing systems upgraded; it wasn’t easy. The drawers were stuffed, and the folders weren’t well-labeled. I did find what I needed, but I had to pull out all of the folders having to do with the house in the process.

Today, I spent the time to put those folders in better order; I also got rid of paperwork that I didn’t have to keep (like repair orders for the roof we replaced years ago). While I was at it, I looked through some of the other files in the same drawer and realized I didn’t really have to keep my Windows XP install disk any more!