Pandemic Journal, Day 707

I spent much of today trying to integrate my Indigo system and Apple’s HomeKit. I’m much of the way there, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

So far, I’ve:

  • Installed “HomeKit Bridge” on Indigo
  • Discovered that there’s no way to change the “ownership” of a HomeKit “home” to a different Apple ID
  • Rebuilt my HomeKit “home” on a new Apple ID – it was simple but tedious
  • Discovered places where HomeKit Bridge and Indigo don’t play well together – in particular, I can’t expose the door/window open/closed information from my alarm in Indigo to HomeKit
  • Discovered the Indigo “Masquerade” plugin, which is a shim to solve the previous problem
  • Started creating shim devices for all the door and window sensors – it’s tedious, so I’ll have to do more tomorrow.

The UI that Apple provides in its “Home” app is much better than the one in Indigo, so it’s going to be worth the trouble of wiring this all together, even though I expect to still use Indigo to do most of the automation.