Pandemic Journal, Day 736

I didn’t work on home automation at all today; instead, I spent the afternoon at the dentist’s office.

When I went there for a cleaning last week, the dentist noticed that the implant I’d had done last year was a little loose, so she had me come in today to get it fixed. She thought that she’d have to tighten the screw, which shouldn’t be necessary but happens occasionally. That wasn’t the problem, though – the crown had “de-bonded” and has to be replaced.

So she removed it and did a new scan of my mouth; then she put in a “healing cap” to cover the hole until the new crown arrives. Fortunately, the crown is still under warranty!

We did manage to take a walk this morning on the Los Gatos Trail in Campbell and enjoyed seeing the birds.

And it’s a good thing we walked early, because today’s high was well over 80 degrees – spring has sprung!