Pandemic Journal, Day 415

Lots of doctor visits today – Diane had her mammogram, and I visited the dentist and the ENT.

The trip to the dentist was to let them scan my mouth and order a crown, which will be installed in about three weeks – I don’t understand how the scanner, which is hand-held, is able to merge its images accurately, since the process takes several minutes, which means that the dentist is moving her hand and I’m moving my mouth. Clarke’s Third Law must be at work!

The ENT was a follow-up visit – the miraculous recovery of my sense of smell didn’t last very long. I saw the ENT for the first time last month and he confirmed that I had sinusitis (as well as a deviated septum) and put me on a short course of antibiotics, along with a new regimen of nasal irrigation, Flonase, Mucinex, and Sudafed. Since then, my sense of smell has come and gone randomly – that’s good news, in that it indicates the system is working, but it’s also bad news, because it’s not clear what will get it working all the time. He’s put me on a different antibiotic for the next 10 days to see if that can clear out the sinusitis.

But even without the new antibiotic, I was able to smell the star jasmine just outside our door today – and it looks pretty good, too!

Star Jasmine